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3 Steps to Creating a Sleep Routine for Moms in Editorial Design

Even though most moms that work as editorial designers work from home, it can be daunting to create a sleep schedule that fits in with work and motherly responsibilities. Here are some easy steps for creating a sleeping schedule that will work for moms and their newborn babies.

1. Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment

Editorial design often involves sitting on a chair for hours, typing away at the next big article. This sitting posture might take its toll on the body, and having a newborn baby is a 24-hour job. It is therefore essential to go to bed in an environment that is comfortable and relaxing for you and your child. No sleeping schedule will be successful without a suitable setting.

2. Keep Your Circadian Rhythm in Check

The circadian rhythm is the body’s natural ability to adapt to a certain sleeping schedule. Working till late at night on the computer or laptop is often the reality for editorial designers, and this can disturb a body’s circadian rhythm. If you create a sleep routine for you and the baby, set the alarm at the same time every day so that your body can adapt.

3. Adapt to Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule

Make sure to keep your own baby’s sleep schedule in mind when you are creating a sleeping routine. If you can learn to get to grips with an 18 month old sleep schedule, you will find that it will be much easier to formulate a sleeping routine that will work for you and your baby. Try to take short naps when your newborn is taking naps throughout the day.

Once you follow these three simple steps, you can be confident about creating a healthy sleep routine for you and your baby.

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