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Advice for Designer Moms Who Suffer from Sleepless Nights

Moms in the design industry have their own set of unique challenges. Most designer moms work from home, and some may still face still sleepless nights. Motherhood is not a simple task, but we provide a few ideas here that will help you and your baby get better sleep at night.

Mental Health for Better Sleep

Arguably the most challenging thing about parenting is to maintain a balance between work and raising children. Giving too much attention to either design projects or family could lead to more stress and anxiety that will make it that much harder to switch off before bedtime.

Psychologists argue that there is a direct correlation between a mother’s mental state and that of their baby or toddler. If you are a bit restless because a design project is past due, this anxiety may rub off on your children. Set up a daily routine that will ensure you prioritize family and work-related tasks throughout the day.

Use Nutrition to Fight Sleep Regression

Designer moms often struggle with their baby’s sleep regression because they neglect nutrition. Make sure you and your baby get a sufficient amount of nutrition during the day as it can improve your baby’s mood and help you to enhance your creativity during work.

Babies who are not fed enough during the day or before bedtime at night may wake up hungry in the middle of the night. The instance of 4 month sleep regression is common among newborn babies, and sufficient nutrition during the day will ensure that they do not wake up during the night.

Establish a strict bedtime routine to make sure you and your baby can get enough sleep during the night. If you focus on your mental health and make sure that your family gets the nutrition they need, then you may find your baby waking up less during the middle of the night.