With a greater number of people working from home, it is no secret that people are still adjusting to having their office at home. This also means that many parents need to get used to supervising their children while trying to get some work done in the process.

The following books and editorials were published recently and address the issues most parents and people face when working from home.

Home Work: Design Solutions for Working from Home by Thames and Hudson

This book explores a variety of ways that the workplace can be moved into the home environment without overwhelming it. The content is divided into five chapters that address everything from mobile offices to agronomical chairs.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many more people work not only from home, but from anywhere they can find free Wi-Fi. Employees are discovering the benefits of job flexibility. This kind of work environment has created new challenges for designers and architects.

This book also looks at many of these designers and architects who are themselves working from home. Take a look at how these individuals are creating innovative solutions for their clients to transform their homes in a way that addresses a wide range of needs. Read how homes can be designed to combine work and family life.

Working From Home For Dummies – Tara Powers

Tara Powers helps parents and other people working from home to set up their workspace. She advises on how you can stay connected to your team via online meetings. This book is a comprehensive guide on how to successfully work with virtual teams from home or anywhere for that matter.

Work From Home Guide: How to Work From Home Effectively by Brenda Williams

Brenda Williams addresses a series of issues that parents may face while working from home. Working online or remotely has become a necessity for many parents. She explains how this move to working from home is just the start of a larger trend.

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