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3 Steps to Creating a Sleep Routine for Moms in Editorial Design

Even though most moms that work as editorial designers work from home, it can be daunting to create a sleep schedule that fits in with work and motherly responsibilities. Here are some easy steps for creating a sleeping schedule that will work for moms and their newborn babies. 1. Create a Comfortable Sleep Environment Editorial […]

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Advice for Designer Moms Who Suffer from Sleepless Nights

Moms in the design industry have their own set of unique challenges. Most designer moms work from home, and some may still face still sleepless nights. Motherhood is not a simple task, but we provide a few ideas here that will help you and your baby get better sleep at night. Mental Health for Better […]

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How to Design a Website that Promotes Healthy Nutrition for Kids

Healthy nutrition is an essential part of life, and more so for growing children. The Internet allows parents to get quick and easy access to helpful tips and information online about the latest trends in healthy nutrition for their children. Creating Awareness about Healthy Nutrition for Children Designing a website that creates awareness about healthy […]